What we do

Indilab is a trusted manufacturer of sterilization chemical indicator products for medical and dental devices and healthcare product manufacturers. We actively assist medical device manufacturers in the development of new technologies to better serve their customers. Indilab additionally manufacturers proprietary branded products used in conjunction with sterilization processes.

As the healthcare industry is under unrelenting pressure to lower costs, the risk of compromising quality becomes a concern. We address this challenge by implementing smart and responsive business practices. Our focus is on developing and maintaining cost-effective, long-term sterilization solutions in the fields of medical and dental devices.

Whether you are a startup or a multinational company in need of world-class quality solutions, at a competitive price—Indilab is there to deliver. We are committed to providing our customers with value added products and services that will provide them with a competitive edge in their markets.

We produce more than 50 million chemical indicators products annually that are under the Indilab family of companies, and/or privately labeled for our customers and are distributed worldwide.