Indicator Products

Indilab manufactures chemical sterilization indicator products for medical and dental devices and healthcare product manufacturers. Sterilization indicators monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the sterilization process.

  • Product code IND400 S: A steam throughput indicator that undergoes a color change from white/off-white to black when processed at elevated temperature in a steam environment.

Products are available as 250 strips per carton. Other packaging configurations are available to meet customer needs.

Private Label Products

In addition to our line of chemical sterilization indicator monitoring products, Indilab also manufactures proprietary branded sterilization products that are produced by us and then privately labeled and distributed to our customers worldwide.

Are you a medical product manufacturer?

We can help! Indilab regularly develops and manufactures indicator products for other medical product companies. We will collaborate with your development, quality and manufacturing groups to provide you with a world-class product. Supported by certifications to sell ISO 13485/2003, we will procure and document all necessary components in development through final release.