We provide our customers with a cost effective Inventory Management System including:

  • Inventory procurement services
    » (Non-Critical Components, Processing Aides, R&D Supplies, Clean Room Supplies, Office Supplies, Raw Materials)
  • MRO or manufacturing support component specialization
  • Special orders
  • Warehousing services
  • Inventory distribution services (Point of Use)
    » Purchasing control services
    » Outsourcing services for non-critical applications
  • Inventory holding cost deferred until delivery

Inventory Procurement Services:

Procure and maintain inventory based on statistical analysis of inventory usage:

  • Minimize inventory levels
  • Minimize cost due to revision level change
  • Flexibility to business requirements
    • Purchasing leverage with 600 +vendors
    • Coordinate receiving inspection activities with customer
    • Lot tracking services 

Inventory Purchasing Control Services:

  • Work with customer to ensure product conforms to specified requirements
  • Maintain purchase records
  • Purchasing data include customer requirements
    • Lot tracking and product traceability per FDA/CGMP/QSR

Inventory Warehousing Services:

  • Plant within a plant
  • Warehouse inventory in a secure location
    • Minimize warehousing cost
    • Controlled climate where appropriate
  • Maximize production area
  • Inventory identification per customer requirements
  • Pay per consumption per customer requirement
  • Consigned inventory

Inventory Distribution Services:

  • Distribution to point of use based on
    • Customer demand
    • Customer Kan Ban System Requirements
    • Scheduled Deliveries
  • Guaranteed distribution services 24/7/365
  • Customize invoicing and reporting

Outsourcing Services:

  • Provide component products to support cost effective product manufacturing initiatives
  • Storage
  • Equipment Buy/Sell
  • Temporary Resources

Outsource Critical Inventory Management Activities

  • Product Procurement
    • Purchasing
    • Warehousing
    • Inventory maintenance
  • Inventory Planning and Delivery
    • Incoming freight transportation
    • Incoming receiving and inspection
    • Purchase orders processing and tracking
    • Accounts payable for Incoming transportation
    • Inventory holding
    • Equipment, computer, software and facility
    • Accounts payable for vendor invoicing
    • Transportation company management money tied up in goods (products) and the floor space required to support them