At Indilab, Inc., our experienced design team can assist you with outsourcing, private-labeling or developing new process indicators or indicator applications for steam, ethylene oxide and hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilization systems.

Indilab’s responsive team can assist in the design and development of new products or provide turnkey operations throughout the entire design control life cycle. From design input, validation and verification activities to market clearance and post market surveillance; our staff offers specialized guidance and tactical support.

Throughout the development process, whether for private-labeling current products or developing new indicator applications, all activities are designed and documented to meet the stringent requirements set forth by the FDA, as well as international standards. Our global regulatory expertise reduces non-conformance and ensures that finished products are safe and effective. 


Indilab has small batch custom blending services available. Dispersion Blending capabilities range from 5 gallons to 55 gallons. Our team will assemble the components of your formulation and blend to your requirements. Our capabilities range from traditional solvent based blends, to newer water based formulations, and specialty customer formulations. We can procure and certify all raw materials and components utilized in your products. Final product certification is also available. We will fill and package to the most exacting customer specification or requirement.

Indilab is an FDA regulated company that also carries ISO 13485:2003 certification. We can insure that your products will be managed with strict adherence to all applicable Standard Operating Procedures and Manufacturing Processes. We offer confidentiality agreements for all proprietary formulations.